I joined Smiley360!

I joined Smiley360 to try new products and share my thoughts about them. I like to share my thoughts on different products all the time. So you will see my reviews posted here as well as other posts on my thoughts and things that are going on in my life. You can join Smiley360 too here. Let’s get free products to try together and share our opinions!

Here I am again

So i know I’ve been gone for a long time. It’s been crazy hectic. My sister moved in, my grandfather passed away, I lost my job, and now I am searching for a new one. I don’t feel that the job I lost was a big loss, but now I am left to search for a new one.

I have also got into some direct sales businesses. I’ve started Linen World, Pine Oak Farms, SoyL Scents, and Sexy Mojo, as well as Kitsy Lane. I am hoping to get some sales or do some parties in the coming month. I will post about each of these individually.

I have also been trying to at least find part time job right now, but my goal is to stay at home with my kids. I’ve wanted that from the time they were born, but no success yet. Maybe this time around I’ll be more successful.

Also I have published my first book on Amazon recently and am working on the next one. I am hoping it will be out by Christmas. We shall see how it goes.

I will be back soon with links and descriptions at a later time. Until then please know that all of my WP family have remained in my thoughts while I was away!

2 years with WordPress! And other stuff…

Okay so I know I have been gone a long time, yet again, but life is always getting in the way of me time and writing time. As soon as I stopped in today WordPress gave me a notification stating that it is my 2 year anniversary with WordPress! I can’t believe I’ve hung around here that long. I keep popping in time to time to check on the family I’ve come to know through WordPress. I miss all of you very much! I have been so busy in real life with my family, job, and now to top it all off, I am working on a book to publish on Amazon through Createspace. It is all listed under my pen name, Carman A. Sky. You can find out more through these links here:





As my last post stated, I have endometriosis. I have been dealing with it for a while now. I need to get it removed, but I have been biding my time. I am still working full time and one of the other women are out right now so I thought I wait until she comes back for one. Two I am undecided as to what I should do. Should I just have the endo removed and have the oblation to help with my heavy periods? Or should I just get the hysterectomy done and be done with all of it? If I have the hysterectomy then I will be out of work for some time and what little I’d get from disability would not cover all of my bills. If I choose the second option I would have to wait until tax season just to be sure my bills are covered. I am not sure if i want, or can wait that long.  So I am undecided.


All the while I have had 2 new house guests, but now back to 1. My mom and sis were both here and were driving me nuts. I am glad my mother is gone now. That helps reduce the stress some. Some days I wish I had my house to myself, but at least my sister helps out. She pays rent and helps with the household chores, unlike my last house guests. My sister-in-law is still mad at me even after I have tried explaining to her and apologizing to her about asking her to leave right before her birthday. I even bought her a new copy of Twilight, which she insisted we still had here. I had gone through my house and not found it, so when I had the extra cash I got her a new copy. As still she insists on causing trouble. Oh, well it’s her problem if she wants to hold a grudge.



And the result is…

Keep calm and fight endo


Endometriosis. If you don’t remember what that is from health class here is what Wikipedia says it is



So now I got to see a women’s specialist to talk about treatment options. I guess that is better than cancer, but then again it can lead to cancer from what I read. Until then I have been trying to deal with the pain as it just keeps getting worse. Since they did the biopsy the pain level has gone up a notch or two. It helps that it is in one area and not all over.  The bruise from the biopsy seems to be getting a little better.

I also got to call a home medical supply shop and get wrist splints for the carpal tunnel which I will try to call on Monday while I’m at work. I switched days because my daughter’s birthday is coming up on Friday. She is turning 7 and I can’t seem to believe how she has grown.

I promised my daughter that she could get her ears pierced for her birthday. I was 7 when I got mine and I thought it fair to let her be old enough to decide if she wanted hers done and be old enough to take care of them herself like I was.

I feel like this week is going to be a very busy one, with phone calls and birthday planning and all. I hope everyone else has a wonderful week!

Waiting for results…. yet again

So I had to go in and get a biopsy done yesterday, since they told me what was causing my left side pelvic pain was a cyst. I also got an x-ray done on my lower back because it has been causing me lots of discomfort. The x-rays turned out fine. When I saw the doctor she said it was arthritis and constipation.

I got talking to my sister and my mom about our family history and according to them my great grandma had told them her mother died of some form of female reproductive system cancer. On my dad’s side, his grandfather had RA. So as I wait until I get the results, which I was told I would get Monday, I am trying to keep in a positive state of mind.

I know god will not give me more than I can handle. He would not put me through more than I can endure. I am placing my faith and hope in Him. God has blessed me so far with a new house, a wonderful friend I made through work, and finally working things out with my sister.

God is NOT dead! He is Alive! And He is the author of my life!

Faith, hope, and love

I love when spring finally arrives. The season always renews me. It always promises that things can have a brighter side. The winter has a way of allowing me to get depressed and hate everything. As soon as the snow melts, the trees start to bud, and the flowers start to bloom the depression disappears and I am left feeling  ready to be reborn.

I have been recently craving the things from my youth, the music, the feelings, and the friends. Nostalgia has really hit me hard. I uploaded the country music I loved to listen to on my iPod. I have been watching the old t.v. shows I used to watch on Netflix. I have been wanting to set up a get together for old friends. I feel as if I have been cut off from the stuff from my youth and I want to get it back.

Of course all of this could just be caused because I will be turning the big 3-0 this November. I have a few goals I want to reach before then, like get my license, publish my first of many novels, and find out just what kind of an impact I’ve had on peoples lives. I know turning 30 is not the end of the world, but the beginning of bigger and better things.

God is really trying to get my attention this year. I know I am claimed by Him and it is time I start living for Him. He has filled my life with many things and He has blessed me with my own house. It’s time I start recharging my faith to match my hope of bigger and better things and just love life the way He has intended.

God has also made me realize that it’s time to forgive her. My sister. She has been staying with me for about a month and a half now, because my dad asked me. It’s time to let it go. I just don’t know how to do it. It’s never been easy for me to let things go. I don’t even know where to start, but I’m sure God will show me the way.

My sister has been clean and sober for a year and is now going to become a sponsor for AA/NA beginners. She has worked hard to get this far. I am proud of her for coming this far. She has had false starts before, but this time I think she is really trying. She has had a rough life, some of which I know came out of her own dumb decisions, but she has worked hard to overcome her bad choices.

She has helped me out a lot while staying here. More than I can say about my brother and his family. She does the dishes, watches the kids, helps me with the laundry, and gets to all of her appointments on foot. My dad is giving me money for her to stay here and she has helped out with food. She cooks some nights and gets my daughter on the bus in the morning too. She has done so much for me in the small amount of time she has been here.

I have also started writing again. I have a book series in mind and I am planning on getting it written, and finished. I have a tenancy to start a story, but not finish. I am determined to get this series written and soon before the characters flee my head. I will be starting a blog page with my nome de plume and keep updates there and the Facebook page I created. I will post it when I get it going.


Happy to have my house back

It’s been so nice having my house back to just 4 occupants. My daughter loves having her room to herself. I felt so bad to have to kick my brother and his family out, but it had to be done. My sanity was at stake as well as my marriage.

Since they moved out we have put some work into our house. My husband is starting his own business and we are remodeling our front room to use for his business. He started out just wanting to insulate the room more, but we discovered there were more issues. Holes in the outside walls, a squirrels nest in the ceiling, and the roof was leaking. We had the roof fixed so the it doesn’t leak anymore. There is still more work to be done, but that’s okay it all in part of owning a home.

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